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Go to Hell. (vexilla regis prodeunt inferni)
I hope that when you release
Your foul stench into the air
That you are taken to your rightful place
And Acheron shall take you there
Across the river with air so stale
Alone at the end of the first
Your final judge Minos will make you pale
"Keep walking you must
to the third circle" he will hum
He'll smile and say "do not become lost"
and a boulder you shall become
Made of your own petty thoughts
                                                            and hopes
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 0 0
Oh Memories
Tell me a love story
Filled with candy and rainbows
Nothing to bore me
And an ending everyone knows
Give me your wicked gaze
The one that scares me so
Burning hotter than hell's blaze
It even scares the crow
Oh please, just hold me close
Even though you hate me now
I need you here, I need this dose
Loving you i understand not, how.
Give me one last look
Before i make my way down this path
Few things i took
Self respect i not hath.
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 1 0
She sleeps so softly
next to her God
but he has been condemned to earth
for crimes only the mad commit
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 1 0
Badge of Honor
I wear these bags like a badge Of honor
eleven total
and a thousand men stronger i am
with them here by my side
i wear them
the bruies they leave
the aches they cause
I wear all these things
like a badge of honor.
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 0 0
The Room
Closed eyes.
Open Eyes.
All the same
in this surreal place.
Black curtains surround me
A bright white light
sits at the end of the tunnel
Is it shining for me?
Dark spots in the light
hidden by the radiance of the light
Oh, how i wish to live here.
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 1 0
Like children
they ran rampant
called each other family
and treated them as such.
The hero is the father
the petite the mother
They smiled seperately
and loved together
The outsider they knew
was like their best friend
telling them all the right words
and loving them all like a sister
She helped who she could
and lifted them all to their rightful platforms
with kisses
words of encouragement
stories of reality
She was their world
and them, hers
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 1 0
The Cage
after a reality
once clouded by a myth
became clear
Names given to that
which I am least proud of.
Now I smile.
The voices are gone,
and only one remains.
Clutching onto a lock
   of short, black hair
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 0 1
it isn't the pretty brown eyes
or the smile that changes my day
that keeps me around
instead its the lenses
of those cute thick rimmed glasses
when I look into her eyes
The lenses break down my gaze
they remove the sadness
wash away the pain
tear through the apathy
leaving behind a raw, naked truth
and a happiness unmatched.
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 1 1
healing touch
I use to worship
white porcelain
I gave it my life force
and slowly died
One day
someone came along
"I use to be like you"
she said
"You're sick"
she told me
her voice soothed me
her worlds healed me
then he came along
held me close
told me
what being pretty really meant
told me about her
Now I know
to seize the day
to value myself
to hold onto the this world
thank you.
Your touch has healed my wounds.
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 3 3
I must smile
or they may see
being the thing sunshine is really
thick walls of plastic
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 0 0
Its dark
there are growls
and scratches
and screams of pain
I;m afraid
and there's no one to help me.
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 2 0
I am small
i am a broken child
One that will remain the same
forever and always
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 1 0
the beatings
have left bruises
that have overstayed their welcome
they have left perpetual spots
of fear and hate
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 1 0
I am a person
treat me as such
my shell is hard to crack
but underneath
is a person you can love
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 0 0
Some say
I'm just skin and bones
others say I'm ugly
but all I know is
the prettiest
they are the happiest
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 1 0
A good knight story
is best told by its creator
but the best knight tales
are told by those
with a  different humour
My Beloved
was born noble
she lived by her lance and steed
I lived by my lance as well
   Until she came along
Then she reminded me
life has a value
so when she was taken
I could no longer value anything
All i could do
   was live on
:iconwhatxdrivesxthexweak:whatxdrivesxthexweak 0 0

Random Favourites

You took my heart..
I guess this is it..
Single again...
Like I've been for about 95% of my life,
Never had a valentine,
Never even had a long relationship...
I thought this time it would be different.
You took my heart.
You took it and cherished it,
I thought it would last forever.
Now I am home.
Blinded by tears.
I know you didn't want to hurt me,
But I cannot help it.
My heart has been crushed.
Why should I even try?
I see so many happy couples...
But not me.
It's like I'm cursed,
Cursed to become single,
Within a couple of months.
:iconmjheijster:MJHeijster 2 1
Ghosts of You
ghosts of you are everywhere;
remInding me, alwayS There.
i dIdn't mean to say goodbye;
was just afraid to ask you why:
why you bLushed and why you sighed;
we didn't rush—that's why we died.
the gLow faded, our Love fought;
i wish i'd knOwn what you thought.
i neVer knEw what You wanted;
nOw i'm stuck with being haUnted.
:iconscarletdevil1503:ScarletDevil1503 142 95
Whispers in my ear
Compel me to surrender.
But I will not hear;
I defy my contender.
Defeat is not an option;
There is no other way:
Survive against all odds
To die another day.
'Tis the oldest battlecry;
The only ultimatum.
Fight until you die—
Rather plain verbatim.
To be classified as "alive,"
Survive, survive, survive.
:iconscarletdevil1503:ScarletDevil1503 143 63
Snow Girl
Falling snow so gentle
Raining down a sky of grey
Surrounding you in a lovely way
The perfect day
Seeing your smile so gentle
The patterns so pretty
Your admirable confetti
Embracing me as your teddy
Surrounded by your pretty snowflakes
The cold wind
Softly chilled blowing
Your hair unraveling and flowing
And your feelings for me showing
Love only captured in a cold wind
Frozen in ice forever
True love last for us… forever.
:iconjoshuadavidrobinson:JoshuaDavidRobinson 17 5
Mature content
The Time Clock :iconjoshuadavidrobinson:JoshuaDavidRobinson 2 2
Mature content
A Watcher's Poem :iconjoshuadavidrobinson:JoshuaDavidRobinson 4 8
Love Sucks
No matter who you are.
Blinded by the light -
Wanting more,
Needing it by the hour.
No matter where you are,
If you are pulled in,
There is no way out.
There is no wanting out.
No matter what you are,
It's the same thing over again.
The same treacherous joke,
The same voice laughing behind the scenes.
No matter how strong you are,
As long as He keeps chasing you,
There will always be that voice in the back of your mind.
Run away… ignore… push.
Those you love will flee…
Those you want will perish…
Those you need will turn away.
Those who needed you will fall.
Nothing but a useless statue now,
You rust in the rain.
Your face will falter,
Your feet will turn to dust.
No matter who once loved you,
No matter who will…
It will always be there,
Knowing you…
Eating your heart from the inside out.
:iconita-mi:Ita-MI 8 8
Silence is Victory.
Don't let them hear.
Don't let them catch us.
Don't let them into our world.
This is our time,
They are not included.
Bite your lip,
Keep your mouth shut
And keep making hidden moves,
In not so dark corners.
For if we are caught,
That is the end of everything.
Of you.
Of me.
Of us.
We will win.
We have to.
So while they aren't looking,
We strike.
We conquer.
All to be happy
Just as we are now.
:iconmpwhitaker:mpwhitaker 1 0
So I Hide.
These thoughts,
They continue wandering throughout my mind.
If you only knew,
What I think,
How I feel.
You'd look at me in a whole different way,
And the last thing I want is to be looked down upon,
So,I keep quiet.
I can't help but feel trapped inside,
For I am too shy,
I'd rather hide.
I'm afraid of myself,
So I keep on running from it all.
From what I want,
From what I feel.
This isn't who I was meant to be,
Sure, I'm myself,
But I don't quite feel like me.
Everywhere I look,
There's a dark corner.
Everywhere I go,
There's a problem.
I just can't face myself.
So,I hide.
:iconsirensaur:Sirensaur 11 0
    I am in deep,
    Lost in this confusion.
    So badly that it is finally affecting me in my sleep,
    Something like this has happened before,
    Like any human.
    It started with a simple Hello
    Now anything you say turns me to jello.
    Thoughts cloud my mind,
    of what we could be.
    You make me happy without knowing,
    The butterflies in my tummy that are floating.
    For you see you make me blush,
    Talking to you is such a rush.
    Even if it isn't much,
    Since you will only be my crush.  
:iconsirensaur:Sirensaur 15 4
Your whole life stretches before you.
Endless, timeless.
You have time to do everything you ever wanted,
Say every word that needs to be spoken.
You can see every step you will take,
Every detour you can encounter.
You will cherish all your milestones,
Soak up all your sun and gloom.
Time twists away from you,
Words never get spoken.
You find a job, and stay with it.
Suddenly, you are not wealthy or refined.
Time has past, and dreams are passed,
The great finish line has never been reached.
Such a sense of loss for the things you haven't done,
And soon never will.
You made plans, lists, and dreamt dreams.
The person you thought you would meet came and went,
You stayed with second best.
You never saw white beaches or black castles,
But you had evenings spent at home.
This life you had lived though;
It was uniquely your own.
:iconcaitlinmac:CaitlinMac 2 0
Mature content
Divine Demon :iconcaitlinmac:CaitlinMac 6 6
Just because I'm telling this story, does not mean I'm alive. I need to tell you though, what has become of living. Oh sure, there are people. Everyone is alive except for the people that are long dead. If that's what you can call the people here though, alive. Technically you can count breathing and a heartbeat living. Although I have learned in a few short years that there is a difference between living and being alive. Living is taking in breath, eating, and just having a space in the world. Being alive though is emotions coursing through people's faces, treating air like wine, smiling, laughing, and pain actually showing on people.  I count everyone here dead. I say this because the emotions have been sucked clean out of everyone. No one was showed any mercy.   
Originally there were 10 people that somehow avoided the torture of the emotions being drained slowly out of you. Wait, that's a lie the "elders" or so called "magnificent" leaders have their precio
:iconvillianvonvillian:villianvonvillian 3 8
What controls
What controls
Ever since the beginning there was life
Life had two offspring
Truth and change
Change evolved truth
And dominated life
Until it impacted all
Life and truth
Are now bound to change
As life continues her stride
Truth holds close what is right
Change commands all
He blesses the children of our race
And descends in the night to take
Ones life
People dream of change
Or can never fully accept it
As a part of life
As a dictator he towers above
Deciding on how one lives
In this so called
"circle of LIFE"
:iconvillianvonvillian:villianvonvillian 3 117
We must be Crazy
I dance with my feet,
To this crazy beat,
I want to sing on top of my lungs,
Not caring who hears or joins in,
I begin to make them dance and swing
this must be a new thing.
To dance in the heat
And in the cold
To the stories untold.
To dance in the sun
And to feel the love,
It is just so fun.
:iconsirensaur:Sirensaur 4 0
Ode to Darkness Pt. 2
The cold of your touch,
warms the ice in my heart.
You caress me with your inky hands,
giving me a feel of completion.
People are afraid of you
but I'm not.
You pull me close and let me taste the horrors of the night
the taste of dark chocolates and sour candies.
You are the dark,
there is no light
:icondarknessoverwhelmsme:darknessoverwhelmsme 2 1


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whatxdrivesxthexweak Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
1. Its not that i was stirring up nonsense. It was a response (in part, I had already been writing the poem by that point) to your journal which had no purpose other than to be completely hurtful to me. I was hurt by the fact that you had broken all but two promises.
2. Dont call me darling.
3. i am happy until i go to school and get reminded of the lack of friends I have. I eat lunch alone on white days because im not even remotely friends with anyone and then on my other days i have deep conversations with people i kinda know about video games because i have no one else to talk to.
4. I guess it doesn't matter though, because I'll be deleting this soon, solidifying the wall i plan to build between my past and the future that I shall create without having to deal with the broken glass created by your comments and my self mutilation and my comments. This is my final response to you forevermore. Thank you for taking the time to read this (i hope) and have fun with your life. Also, you may forget and pretend like you wasted four years, but i didnt. I learned a lot. I also haven't suppressed everything about it as I try and push my life forward. Instead I've dealt with the issues that are laid before me. It's very obvious you've attempted to suppress everything by the way you acted the last few times i saw you and by the fact that you seem to always be posting of how you're hanging with friends. It's slightly amusing, really, because you're falling right into your old habits of keeping everything in just like you always have. So good day to you.
UnholyConfessionsx3 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student General Artist
1. The fact that I broke those promises doesn't concern you anymore, and quite frankly you broke many more than that.
2. Don't call me out like that and I won't respond sarcastically.
3. Who's fault is that? You drove all your friends away from you.
4. You obviously don't know anything about my life now. That doesn't even bear a full response. As for being a final response, well, it's about time you stopped bringing yourself back into my life periodically.
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